3 Make an exposure and measure kVp and mA signal values ...

3 Make an exposure and measure kVp and mA signal values with the Oscilloscope a from BIO 859 at Sichuan University

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Try the following examples: material: aluminum, kV: 120, mA: 5, distance: 0.5 meter, time: 90 seconds, thickness: 6.5 cm. The resultant density will be 2.959. The resultant density will be 2.959. As can be noted on the stepwedge, reducing the exposure by a factor of four will change the density to a value of 1.0, and increasing the exposure by ...

mA / mAs Meter ECC 870 for X-ray, Fluoroscopy & Dental

The ECC Model 870 mA Meter / mAs/ exposure time meter is specifically designed to measure x-ray tube current. The ECC Model 870 is a solid-state, digital instrument designed specifically for service personnel in assessing the performance of radiation generators. This instrument measures and displays mA, mAs and exposure time for each x-ray exposure.

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The mAs values may be better correlated with patient size, although this was not one of the parameters collected in this study. There was one low kV used (90 kV with 1.4 mAs at 280 cm SID), however on investigation it was found that the radiographers repeated the first exposure because of anatomy cut-off (Fig. 12a).

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The exposure rate at one meter from a one curie Ra-226 source is approximately 1 R/hr. As such, the exposure rate at one meter from one mCi of Ra 226 is approximately 1 mR/hr Exposure Rate (X) 22-226 is approximately 1 mR/hr. Similarly, the exposure rate at one meter from one uCi of Ra-226 is approximately 1 uR/hr above background.

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The product of milliamperage and time is called milliamperseconds (mas); equal mas settings will produce radiographs of equal density or contrast. This relationship can be seen in two ex­amples: 1.01 sec x ma = 10 mas. 1.0 sec 10 x ma = 10 mas. 2.0.05 sec 30 x ma = 1.5 mas. 0.1 sec 15 x ma = 1.5 mas. 0.15 sec 10 x ma = 1.5 mas.

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•Linearity means that the ratio of exposure to total charge in mR/mAs is constant over the entire range of mAs values. •The average mR/mAs obtain at any tube current settings (mA) shall not differ by more than 0.10. •Linearity should be maintained to ±10% over the entire working range of the generator regardless


With each mA reading, the unit stores and displays mA, mAs and exposure time. mA is sampled for a representative length of time and saved. This allows shorter exposure times minimizing xray exposure and wear and tear on the x-ray head. The Model 820 contains exactly the same kVp measurement circuit and capability as our Model 815.

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There is no minimum exposure time requirement for mA / mAs measurement. The mA and mAs measurements are more accurate because we are measuring the current for the entire x-ray exposure.The minimum exposure time needed for kVp measurements has been reduced to 40 ms (0.04 second).

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The effect of a change in milliamperes (mA) on radiation output is seen. With 8 mA, the DAP is 785 mGy × cm² . With no other change in the exposure parameters or FOV, a decrease in mA to 4 decreases the DAP to 392 mGy × cm² . A decrease in mAs is associated with generation of fewer x-ray photons, which effectively reduces the radiation ...

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The product of tube current and exposure time is equal to 1. x-ray quantity 2. x-ray quality ... mA = mAs/time X= 40/0.20 X= 200 mA. Given 40 mAs and an exposure of 0.20 second, calculate the mA ... The ability of the phosphor to emit as much light per x-ray photon interaction as possible is a measurement of the 1. spectral emission 2. screen ...

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CERVICAL SPINE Body Part Grid mAs CM kVp AP/Oblq Cervical/ Y 3.5 4-5 72 7 10-11 76 14 16-17 82 44" 5.25 6-7 72 10.5 12-13 76 21 18-19 82 7 8-9 72 14 14-15 76 28 20-21 82 Grid mAs CMkVp mAs kVp mAs CM kVp LATERAL Cervical Y Same Increase 4 44" Grid mAs CM kVp mAs CM kVp mAs CM kVp LATERAL Cervical Y 16 4-5 72 32 10-11 76 64 16-17 82 at 72" …

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An automatic exposure controlled (AEC) exposure is attempted using a 400 mA station at 80 kVp. If a 4 mAs exposure is desired but the minimum response time for this unit is 20 milliseconds, what timer setting will be indicated when the exposure is attempted? a) 10 milliseconds b) 20 milliseconds c) 100 milliseconds d) 200 milliseconds


distance of one meter have been measured. These gamma constants can be used to determine 1) the expected exposure rate at a given distance (using the inverse square law) for a known quantity of a radionuclide, or 2) the activity of a radionuclide from a measured exposure rate. Gamma constants ( ) for selected radionuclides can be found on page 43.

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The 820 kVp / mAs Meter combines all the features of our kVp, along with an mA / mAs meter in one compact unit. The 820 is capable of measuring kVp, mA, mAs, and exposure time. The unit is self resetting, and automatically detects AC or DC x-ray currents, minimizing the possibility of inaccurate readings.

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The X2 MAM sensor is capable of measuring all radiological parameters such as dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, exposure time, pulses, pulse rate and dose/pulse – in one exposure. For added ease of use, waveforms of kV and dose rate can be analyzed directly on …

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To test this, a digital timer was used to measure the time it took for it to receive the set energy from the x-ray beam. It is important to perform quality control tests to measure an x-ray system's timer accuracy because exposure time directly affects the total quantity of radiation emitted from the X-ray tube (Abdullah, n.d.).

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Criterion Time – The time over which noise meters calculate exposure and dose values. Cycle – The sequence of changes which takes place during the period of a recurring variable quantity. Top. D. dB(A) – (often just referred to as dBA, or decibels A-weighted). This is the most commonly used standard frequency weighting.

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Our meters measure kVp, kVe, Dose, Dose Rate, mA, mAs, pulses, exposure time, and HVL. Quality Products We are a company dedicated to producing high quality x-ray calibration and measurement instrumentation at an affordable cost and are used in over 50 countries.

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Measuring Radiation. There are four different but interrelated units for measuring radioactivity, exposure, absorbed dose, and dose equivalent. These can be remembered by the mnemonic R-E-A-D, as follows, with both common (British, e.g., Ci) and international (metric, e.g., Bq) units in use:. Radioactivity refers to the amount of ionizing radiation released by a material.

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This unit is the product of mA and exposure time (mA × time = mAs). For example, if the control panel were set at 200 mA and 0.2 second, the mAs would equal 200 × 0.2: For example, if the control panel were set at 200 mA and 0.2 …

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* SI Units: International System of Units . Note: In the table above the common units and SI units in each row are not equivalent in value, i.e., 1 curie does not equal 1 becquerel, but they both measure the same parameter.


If the measurement is an intermediate value (such as 13.4cm) record the next highest whole number. What mA and exposure time? Because a grid will be used during these test exposures, 10-20mAs should be selected. Do this by setting the machine for a high mA and an exposure time (in seconds) that will provide the desired mAs.

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Changes with Time: Inter-annual MONTHLY MEAN DAILY TOTALS Solar Radiation Research Laboratory 1986-2000 Global Trend y = 4.3303x - 4215.9 R2 = 0.0034 Direct Trend y = 16.103x - …

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The combined function is usually referred to as mAs or milliampere seconds so, if you wanted to give an exposure using 10 milliampere seconds you could use a 10 mA current with a 1.0 second ...

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Electronic Control Concepts (ECC) offers 870 - ECC - mA/mAs Meter and other solutions for the Radiation Monitoring

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Minimum Exposure Time (kVp Measurement) 100 millisec - High Speed Mode (normal) 200 millisec - High Resolution Mode Minimum Current (mA) 7 mA at 50 kV, 10 cm from x-ray source Also depends on focus / collimation Display 0.4" (10.2mm) Liquid Crystal 8 Character Alphanumeric Power 4 AA Batteries accessible from bottom of case Low Battery Indicator

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The RaySafe X2 R/F sensor can be used on all R/F applications without the need to select ranges or modes. It measures dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, total filtration, exposure time, pulses, pulse rate and dose/pulse – in one exposure. Video guide on how to position a DENT or R/F sensor on a panoramic dental X-ray machine.

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DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGY | Beam Measurement Model UXI Kvp, mAs, Dose & Exposure Time Meter Features Measures kVp, kVeff, mA, mAS, exposure time, dose, HVL Easy to use kV measurement is non-invasive AC or DC x-rays High accuracy mA invasive or non-invasive (option) Two year warranty USB Tablet Display • 7 inch Tablet display for reading outside x ...